Cat Whisperer
Have they gotten their hug today?

Since he was a kitten Tiger’s been paw deep in mischiefs: chasing other cats, wrecking furniture, rearranging my closet, jumping on rooftops, hunting field mice, chipmunks and bats, scaring away rabbits while bouncing from tree to tree.

By the time he was 15 he lost his two kitty family members. Soon after he lost a lot of weight and eventually stops purring and cowers in a corner all day, only to come out and wail.

Along with medications to curb his weight loss, I started to treat him by channeling Reiki’s universal life force energy. He responded in just 3 days. He started purring again and went back to being the cuddly and kissy little tiger he once was. At 17 he’s opening closet doors again and finding new activities like drinking from the birdbath.

His vet encourages the treatment as it helps his body absorb meds more effectively. His dramatic turnaround shows how benefitial Reiki is to both humans and animals in regaining and maintaining their wellness.