Cat Whisperer

My life is blessed by my three tabbies, Tiger, Skippy and Apricot. They are family. I design my life and surroundings around them, and I make my lap available to them for as long as time allows. I had Skippy and Tiger since they were kittens. Apricot came later, he was a special needs cat and extra special. As they age, I'm learning the ways of older cats, their health and their increasing demands. A certified Reiki practitioner, I started to practice Reiki to give them comfort and promote their health.

My other credentials include a master's degree in liberal arts. I am an advertising art director by profession. But nothing makes me happier than "working" with cats. They have the sweetest souls. I feel connected to them. Each cat is a joy and their love is a gift.

I look forward to caring for your feline family. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.